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ID 241012

Chaitanya Kuber

ID 183742

Chris Raethke

Over 10 years full stack dev, 7 years commercial product experience. Cert scrum master + lean advocate. Bachelor of IT/Bach of Microelectronic Eng. Ex Army Eng.

ID 335375

Stephen Steneker

Full stack software development polyglot with particular interests in personalisation, recommendation, databases, and analytics.

ID 113990

Andy White

Software developer, Gym Junkie. Platform Engineer and Employee #1 at @bugcrowd, previous work on 4 startups.

ID 115119

Phil Calçado

Director of Engineering @soundcloud

ID 176116

Gagneet Singh

Co-Founder Skillsapien • Worked at @microsoft, @yahoo • Studied at @university-of-new-south-wales, @australian-graduate-school-of-management

ID 243660

Dion Beetson

Founder @ackwired-1, IconPark • Worked at @yahoo • Studied at @edith-cowan-university, @edith-cowan-university

ID 78446

Kim Miller


Founder and CEO of @guevara - P2P car insurance for the people, previous successful exit. Worked in principal investments: @macquarie-bank and @morgan-stanley.

ID 192920

Chris Zaharia

Founder Zookal • Worked at @macquarie-bank, @suncorp-group-australian-financial-services

ID 68177

David Ng

Co-Founder of @openlabel · iOS/Android Dev at @tomtom-international · ASIC Design Engineer at @canon.

ID 190671

Zac Shenker

Currently Software Engineer @ Brightcove/Zencoder. Prev: Software Engineer at Collusion, 3D Camera Systems Engineer at Kennedy Miller Mitchell on Feature Films

ID 16791

Matthew Brennan

App Development Director and co-founder at @irl-gaming. Developer for over 11 years working at the following companies, @yahoo, News Corp, Fairfax Media, Vodafone

ID 22343

Taylor Luk

Founder of @issue • ANU '06 • @angelpad Alum • Product Design & Strategy for Startups & Corps, Previously, bootstrapped site to 0.5M daily hits in a year.

ID 183679

Denis Zubkov

Cofounder, Head of Product @recruitloop. Previously Lead Product Designer @sandstone Technology. Founded own design agency. Web Dev / UI / UX

ID 106083

Todd Sullivan

Co-Founder at @flightfox. Co-Founder at @globetrooper (sold 2011). Lead developer at @raytheon and @defence-1.

ID 237833

Kris Sugandhi

Founder @imagebrief • Worked at @orbitec • Studied at @macquarie-university

ID 149742

Hugo Sterin

CTO at @rezdy after several years playing with many programming languages and technologies.

ID 31061

Nick Holmes A Court


Founded @buzznumbers (Acquired 2012) - Investor/Advisor at @StartMate - Previously worked at @betfair, @microsoft and @unilever

ID 228065

Rupert Ralston


Founder, Angel investor, Evangelist for LA & SF Start-ups

ID 19594

Anthony Marcar

Co-founded Grabble (sold to Walmart Dec 2011). Startmate mentor. Clojure Hacker.

ID 98089


Product Manager at Vero

ID 36105

Igor Kryltsov

“Do or do not. There is no try.”

ID 414973

Mitchell Quille

Founder at Composure • Worked on SQLServer @microsoft • Studied at Computer Science @university-of-sydney

ID 10086

Benjamin Lupton

Passion my sword, courage my armour, empowerment my quest. ENTP/Inventor. @skype balupton

ID 127068

Daniel Treacy

Co-founder of GoodCall • Engineering at @wpp-group, @buzznumbers, and @national-australia-bank • Studied CompSci & Business @ @university-of-technology-sydney

ID 31643

Andrew Jessup

Googler, former technical founder and fairly average dancer.

ID 9630

Nik Cubrilovic

Entrepreneur, Hacker and Writer. Founder @omnidrive, @solutionstap • Worked at @techcrunch

ID 538290

Federico Bucchi

Front End Engineer, UXD

ID 36883

Federico Bucchi

My studies and strong interest in information and communications technology, computer science, social networking and the web have become my career.

ID 106235

Nishant Menon

Former co-founder of @hipvite. Worked at Macquarie Group and Dell. Bioinformatics and Finance Honours degrees. Entrepreneur, all round business and tech guy.

ID 137823

David Peterson

Co-founder & CTO @imagebrief • Founder at Orbitec • EE/CS @university-of-sydney-1

ID 107523

Marianne Sea

Co-Founder of @young-republic. Designer / Developer / Fashionpreneur. BRW's Fast Starters, Anthill's 30 Under 30 Up and Comers, Anthill's SMART 100 Innovators.

ID 31670

Alex North

Engineer/leader/mentor. Worked at @google (Wave), VP Eng at @posse, investor/mentor @pushstart

ID 59312

Mike Gardiner

Founder & Lead Developer at @lime-rocket + @buzzy-io . 16+ years experience building interactive applications & games across web, desktop, mobile & Smart TV.

ID 372816

Antonius Mulder

Worked at @orionvm

ID 66741

Ricky Robinson

Founder @composure • Worked at @sun-microsystems, Biz Dev @nicta • PhD Computer Science from @university-of-queensland

ID 132316

Ritesh Patel

Founder & CEO @the-ticket-fairy • 15 years in event management/marketing • Scalability/Cloud Engineer • Ex @adlux • Ex @bbc • @university-of-bristol

ID 165294

Roger Kermode

Co-Founder, @pushstart-1 (Sydney Based Seed Accelerator) / CTO Comms, Media, Entertainment (South Pac) HP. @massachusetts-institute-of-technology Media Lab Ph.D.

ID 27454

Zac Altman

Founder of LoungeBuddy • Founder of Taxi Pro - sold at 19 • Code sage & UX aficionado • Worked at Punchey, goCatch and GiveEasy • Loves travel and food.

ID 406169

Christopher McClymont

Developer at @orionvm, Worked at @simbyte • Studied at @university-of-sydney

ID 81884

Guillermo Gette

Developer, entrepreneur, startup lifestyle lover. Angel investor in 10 years, VC in 20. Software Engineer at Yahoo!7 Co-founder @getcleanr

ID 449815

Naveenu Perumunda

Co-Founder of Foogi. Strong technical background with experience in Mobile and Web technologies; Worked at Texas Instruments, LG,Mformation,Managility and Digi

ID 141739

Mark Pesce

Founder & CEO of MooresCloud, co-inventor of VRML, author of six books, broadcaster educator and entrepreneur. Creating a new medium, touching lives with light.

ID 77031

Felix Menard

@weroll CEO. Well-travelled, product-manager, art-lover, dedicated coder, everyday bike-rider.

ID 93633

Simon Males

Platform Engineer at @pollenizer.

ID 33923

Adam Brimo

Founder/CEO of @openlearning • Previously started @mijura & • 2011 Choice Consumer Champion of the Year • BE (Software) / BA (Politics) from UNSW.

ID 113534

Tom Rothwell

Platform Engineer at @pollenizer

ID 302193

Daniel O'Reilly

Founder @swaplingo @inthis, @teamisto

ID 426315

Marco Lavielle

Studied at @university-of-technology-sydney, Software Engineer at @lawpath

ID 132366

Olivier Bierlaire

Worked at @canva, @amadeus, @fusion-books-1 , @orange-business-services

ID 66332

Kristof Kowalski

Co-Founder of @ExistsApp. Experienced enterprise architect with extensive entrepreneurial know how. Worked at @microsoft, @bbc, @hp.

ID 4533

Ross Lin

Founder of @jayride, @projectx-technology.

ID 7551

Abhishek Tiwari

Solutions Architect. I build real-time polyglot applications with big data in the cloud.

ID 116762

Mark Guo

Mobile/Ruby Engineer at @issue , Agile developer @idealian, Final Year Thesis showcased for eLearning mobile App @unsw 2011

ID 78982

Kevin Nguyen

Platform Engineer at @pollenizer

ID 524660

Jeremy Manoto

UX Developer at @ninja-blocks. Frontend JS. Bs CompSi & Maths

ID 152571

Shaon Diwakar

Co-founder of @newsmaven. Background in Software Engineering and Information Security. Previously at @tyro-payments and @ernst-and-young.

ID 85077

Elliot Shepherd

High-functioning geek with delusions of architecture. Being a Ninja at NinjaBlocks. Helped build Wego and ArchFashion. Loves deadlines and sushi.

ID 295952

John Kueh

Ruby engineer with a flair for UI/UX. Founder @hastify • Worked at @pollenizer-incubator

ID 130334

Yossi Mlynsky


Founder @alt-tab-mobile • Helping Startups Build Awesome Mobile Products. Growing fast and looking for Advisors & Biz Dev. Worked @macquarie-bank @ninemsn

ID 138617

Gabriel Moreira

Lead Developer at PhotoMerchant

ID 285254

Hugh Emberson

CTO of Triplebackup. Global Head of Architecture at Cameron Systems (sold for $32M). 20+ years software dev. BSc (Hons, 1st), MSc, University of Canterbury.

ID 341600


Co-founder @play2lead, Consultant Developer @thoughtworks

ID 171143

Mark Puddick

Founder Vitoto andCTO

ID 33524

Aymeric Gaurat-Apelli

French entrepreneur living in Sydney, working on

ID 167072

Rowan de Haas

Software developer. Engineering honours grad. Basketball player.

ID 443783

Pete Neill

Founder of Stashd. An app bring endless fashion inspiration to your iPhone.

ID 175029

Herbert Yeung

Co-founder of NewsMaven. Worked at @labshare and @cae Studied Software Engineering at @university-of-technology-sydney

ID 20666

Gary Brewer

Founder @builtwith • Worked at @thomson-reuters • Studied at @university-of-westminster-uk

ID 136720

Sumeet Patel

Co-Founder and CTO of @collusion • Software Engineer • Finance • Worked at @law-in-order • Studied at @university-of-technology-sydney

ID 44882

Fai Wong

Co-Founder, @memberpass

ID 75353

Benjamin Gifford

Entrepreneur, innovator, leader, strategist, networker and adventurer running international businesses and game studios. Do what you enjoy in life!

ID 213639

Sam Elliott


Founder @shifts-1 , Product Manager @booodl + Startup experience @contgo acquired by @concur + Ambassador @uber, BM, MCompSc @university-of-technology-sydney

ID 544971

Peter Chui

To contribute my ultimate potential and creativity in the Game Programming & Web Development.

ID 5419

Glenn Farrant

Founder @criticalarc • Worked at @honeywell, @royal-australian-navy • Studied at @university-of-wollongong, @university-of-new-south-wales

ID 171594

Harold Herbert

back to simplicity

ID 76082

Mitch Flindell

Cake enthusiast, also interested in computers.

ID 140691

Dov Tenenboim


Hacker, Developer and Strategist.

ID 135671

Nathan Waters

Founder @lifebox. Entrepreneur + futurist into Quantified Self, Lifelogging, AI & the Singularity

ID 35673

Adam Haeger

Founder at @surfed-at - the world's awesomest surfing community. I'm passionate about surfing, technology and start-ups.

ID 587217

Murray Hurps

#47 in Shoestring's Top 50 Australian Entrepreneurs, 16 years of founder experience, 23 years of coding experience, heavily involved in Australian startups.

ID 125190

Maximilian Nyman

RIA Solution Architect

ID 187987

Toby Freestone

Worked at @accenture, @glossybox, @theiconic Studied at @university-of-edinburgh

ID 276468

Mahmoud Ghazal

Founder @samapos & @sallaty • Studied at @NYIT

ID 84678

Subrat Basnet

Co-founder @grepsr

ID 172465

Andrew Mears

Founder/CEO of SwitchDin 2012. 20 yrs Clean tech innovator and global thought leader (UN, World Bank). First startup 1990.

ID 569258

Josh Hunt

Founder @shifts-1 • Front End Web Developer at @booodl Worked at @apple, Social Ambassador for @uber • Studied at @charles-sturt-university

ID 75876

Matthew Sinclair

I've been building software for about 20 years. I have many scars, but not enough to dampen my enthusiasm for the buzz that comes from building something great.

ID 469288

Marcelo Maidana

Head of Technology/CTO, entrepreneur, Worked at Yahoo

ID 207179

Nathan McCarthy

Founder @sentimeasure • Developing cloud security applications at Covata. Self Defending Data. Worked at @ubs-investment-bank, @macquarie-bank • Studied at @university-of-technology-sydney

ID 540466

Leigh Appel

Technical Founder @safesite-1 • Class 1 of @muru-d. Serial Hobbyist and Technologist.

ID 680656

Steven Pack

Co-founder of Koala. Previously founded motorTEXTER and Worked in finance/IT in between. Studied IT at University of Technology Sydney.

ID 500389

Arthur Aung

Founder @doemyanmar-com • Studied at @national-university-of-singapore

ID 5423

Jahmai Lay

Founder, CTO & Lead Engineer @criticalarc

ID 448065

Matthew Nigl

Founder @hq • Worked at @macquarie-bank, @kpmg, @pwc, @qantas, @unsw • Studied at @university-of-new-south-wales

ID 520332

Kean Maizels

Founder @moorescloud, @kean-electronics • Worked at @adept-business-systems • Studied at @university-of-new-south-wales, @macquarie-university

ID 59478

Adam Frisby

Chief Technical Officer at Sine Wave Company

ID 109921

Mark Hughes

Co-Founder of ROUND Payments and Nivsu Technologies.

ID 280431

Ronald David

Head of Technology at Ziller | 12 years industry experience. Frontend: HTML/5, CSS, JS (Jquery, Dojo) Backend: PHP (MVC: ZF, Symfony) Server: LAMP

ID 498138

Alex Taylor

Founder/CTO at BitPOS • Worked at @snyppit-pte-ltd • Studied at @university-of-sydney

ID 105017

Keith Broughton

Perl / Ruby Developer

ID 239720

Jason Zhiheng Zheng

Tsinghua CS, Java/Android guru

ID 260165

Lusana Ali

Founder Strmur • Worked at @ibm, @amazon • Studied at @university-of-sydney, @university-of-technology-sydney

ID 363653

Richard Kroon

Australian (E3 Eligible) front-end/back-end/whatever-is-needed developer with finance degree and startup background and a bit of gamification experience to boot

ID 287509

Alan Dee

Technology expert, Master of Entrepreneurship & Innovation. Ready made experienced CEO / CTO.

ID 591044

Jason Elston

15+ years mixed discipline technologist. Strategy and online business focus. Experience with Fairfax Media, KPMG etc. Started @tillless.

ID 426859

Frank Fera

20 years IT. Software architect / team lead / developer. Mainframe, Java, Web apps / frameworks, back-end, front-end, Mobile. Worked: @amp, @csc, @ibm, @ca.

ID 327877

Alberto Perego

full stack generalist, love startups vibes, senior web developer at PeopleBrowsr

ID 398266

Yi Zeng

3 Years Java experiences, 1 year iOS experience, launched own iOS apps.

ID 142171

Dominic Wroblewski

Founder @terracoding • First Class Master of Computer Science at @university-of-sheffield • Worked at @epigenesys, @southern-path, @sportaroo

ID 235060

George Haidar

Lead Technology Developer at @the-ticket-fairy with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and always in pursuit of the next big challenge.

ID 142222

Robert White

Founder @terracoding • Worked at @sportaroo, @epigenesys • First Class Masters in Computer Science from @university-of-sheffield

ID 90527

Tom Allen

Engineer and Robotics Ph.D. from Sydney, Australia. Projects portfolio at

ID 328772

Jiaxi (Jesse) Cai

Full-stack developer with extensive experience developing in different technologies. Fast learner open to all technologies since there's no silver bullet.

ID 188004

Boris Berak

Founder @partypie • Studied at @university-of-technology-sydney

ID 174829

Ananda Raj Pandey

Backend PHP programmer with 14+ years of experience.

ID 41831

Adnan Khan

Founder @funoon, Linkell • Studied at @university-of-new-south-wales

ID 416637

Trung Khuu

CTO @agriwebb-pty-ltd-1 Architect @ibm SMTS @vmware Senior Consultant/Advisor @cochlear-limited @palantir-technologies Senior Software Engineer @nbnco BS Computer Science @university-of-new-south-wales

ID 436718

Gordon Kam

Founder Platypus Interactive • Worked at @team-bondi, @kmmie • Studied at @university-of-technology-sydney, @academy-of-art-university , Teaching part-time at @JMC academy

ID 136818

Iz El-Bahnasy

Founder @sportaroo, Bundlll • Worked at @terracoding, @community-engine • Studied at @university-of-sheffield

ID 159345

Patrick Li

Founder @appfusions • Worked at @macquarie-bank, @macquarie-group • Studied at @university-of-technology-sydney

ID 282552

Daniel Bowden

Interested in exposure to exciting new technologies, innovative ideas, social interactivity and the opportunity to experiment and learn new things everyday.

ID 531404

Meysam Ghanbari

IT Business Analyst; Worked at GE Money, GrainCorp, UXC, ac3, Hyundai, KIA Motors, Komatsu, Nebras Informatics

ID 120394

Amay Shah

Studied at @university-of-sydney, @university-of-mumbai

ID 424349

Zoltan Varadi

CTO @property-connect

ID 261850

Joel Courtney

Engineer, developer, photographer & thinker with a solid background in enterprise intrapreneurship.

ID 274416

Josh Stevenson

Founder @rdrkt. Worked at @cgi-federal-inc, @excite-digital-media. BS, CS from @college-of-william-and-mary 2008. Programmer, pianist, bookworm, socialite.

ID 505212

Anurag Kondeya

Working at @streethawk-mobile-marketing-automation,Worked at igate Patni, Larsen and Toubro Infotech and Sasken communications.

ID 163029

Adam Mills

Founder Koala • Co-founded and sold • Worked at @ibm, @royal-bank-of-scotland • Studied at @university-of-technology-sydney

ID 100125

Garret Krampe

Prolific Inventor. My day starts and finishes with an idea that gets fleshed out as the day progresses since I was 9 yo. Extremely broad knowledge of Tech.

ID 416680

Neil Wilkinson

Founder Quixomatic • Technical Director at @yahoo • Technology Director @fairfax-media • CTO @ViDM

ID 376529

Hemanta Sapkota

Founder @sprites-loot • Studied at @university-of-technology-sydney

ID 552106

Antonio de Perio

I'm a full-stack/mobile app dev. My bread and butter tech is in iOS, ObjC, C#. Recently I've been tinkering with Node / Angular. Founder @

ID 332176

Alexander Burakevych

Software Engineer passionate about innovation and new technology

ID 431127

William Parry

Co-founder of @metronomik, hacker and opera singer when he gets time.

ID 23839

Andrew Cutler

Founder Volt Grid • Worked at @adlibre-pty-ltd • Studied at @university-of-sydney

ID 446338

Stephen Irving

Founder Real Apparel • Worked at @thomson-reuters, @startsomegood • Studied at @university-of-new-south-wales

ID 698300

Riad Chikhani

CEO & Founder of @gamurs at 17. Gaming startup with 4M+ Pageviews at 16. Worked at @macrovue • BSc Computer Science @university-of-new-south-wales

ID 177566

Ilavenil A

Founder @zaq, @Mobileroo, @Delux, @gtext

ID 470147

Seth Caldwell

UCSB CS, talented in all areas, jumps into new projects quickly. Has done everything under the sun (and cloud)

ID 383606

Prudhvi Teja

Product execution, Worked at @cpm-matrix, @trv-trading • Studied at @university-of-auckland

ID 230142

Daniel Buckmaster

Aspiring engineer, web developer and traceur.

ID 457992

Sam Turner

ID 329497

Peter Duan

created several sub-systems for supporting Including web crawling system, affiliate feed parsing system, logging system, QA tool......

ID 498295

Tushar Bhatia

Founder CareerStart • Studied at @university-of-sydney

ID 586613

Alexandre Althoff

UTS student; worked at HSBC; love startups and sharing ideas; computer engineering student, but also seeking knowledge in business;

ID 85523

Rhys Hill

Studied at @university-of-new-south-wales

ID 302879

Farhan Ahammed

IT Consultant for financial institutions, Ph.D, BEng (Software), BMath, University Medallist

ID 635777

Samuel Marks

Engineering Lead, Full-stack engineer, budding entrepreneur seeking CTO position

ID 442232

Jon Westenberg

Founder Tuteable

ID 535061

Pierre Azzi

Civil Engineering student majoring in Structural Engineering, transferring to BA Computer Science at University of New South Wales.

ID 504185

Huizhen Piao

Junior - Mid Web Front-End Developer. Strong knowledge of HTML/CSS. Graduated Master Information Technology in UTS 2013

ID 400450

Lance Cohen

Hardware/Software Engineer & Entrepreneur. Strong technical background as well as project management skills in developing large scale technology products.

ID 544051

Josh Hanley

Software/ web developer with passion for business efficiency through small targeted applications

ID 608492

Deline Neo

Software engineer at Tyro Payments. Java developer who also dabbles in other languages such as Objective-C. Quick learner and a good communicator.

ID 549625

Jasper Cai

Recent UTS Graduate Seeking Full-stack web and mobile development Position, loves to build innovative applications.

ID 480897

Andy Murphy

Full stack web developer. Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, jQuery, Meteor, HTML, CSS. • Studied at @university-of-nsw

ID 484041

Joshua Mostafa

Agile team leader. Arts background. Codes like a demon; speaks human.

ID 341094

Mitchell Weiss

Founder of @rocketshift . Audio Visual Technician . BIT/BCom @university-of-sydney-1

ID 241941

David Parry

Senior developer, ruby, graphics, ambient music DJ, geometric pattern fan

ID 647489

Alyssa Quek

Python and Javascript freelancer. Computer vision dabbler, yearly skier.

ID 278953

Shaun Skelton

UNSW CS grad; Honours Thesis in Procedural Content Generation; Interned at Microsoft;

ID 535604

Albert Kurniawan

UNSW Mechatronics Engineering / Computer Science

ID 434789

Vincent Alcantara

Google App Engine, Java, Python Developer

ID 119826

Allan Denot

Worked at @suncorp-group-australian-financial-services • Studied at @university-of-sydney

ID 607824

Jonathan Ingram

Full stack engineer; can ship real software; worked remotely for 2 start ups; Honours 1 and University Medal student

ID 267986

Liang Shao

Master of Computer Scinece Engineering, UNSW. Major in e-Commerce Systems, Internetworking.

ID 418380

Rob Edwards

highly experienced software developer, IT architect and founder of

ID 522536

Chris Glover

HTML5! TypeScript!

ID 651156

Tristan Martin

Software Developer, Works at IBM, Java + iOS

ID 583376

Natalie Wong

Love the start up lifestyle & work, worked at Shoes of Prey and DSTO, interested in web & app development as well as circuit design, likes smart home technology

ID 332941

Stephen Sherratt

UNSW CompSci, Systems Research Assistant at NICTA, Codes for fun

ID 450666

Joshua Pratt

UNSW CS, First year

ID 450055

Alan Khoury

Studied at @university-of-sydney

ID 510848

Matthew Conolly

Kernel and Release guy. Working at Facebook. Worked at General Dynamics C4 Systems & UNSW.

ID 237908

Brandon Chen

An experienced front-end developer from a design and digital background.

ID 260458

Ashley Morony

Business Student at University of Sydney; Facebook lover; worked with various Start-ups and small-to-medium IT companies as a R&D tax advisor.

ID 212460

Anindha Parthy


ID 431995

Ian Finlay

Across Windows & Embedded Application development, Firmware, Electronics, product design, Military flight simulators, and Control systems on Navy Submarines

ID 311128

James Colless

PhD in Quantum Physics and medallist at Sydney University. Currently finishing internship with Jane Street Capital working on mathematical trading algorithms.

ID 693091

Philipp Rhan

Graduate with Master of Science of Computer Science at Cognitive Robotics Group at the Department of Computer Science of the Humboldt University of Berlin

ID 307482

Alexander Waters

Macquarie University graduate. 1st start up out of University. Background in sales and media.

ID 45529

Valdy Valdy

IT Solution Evangelist, co-founder of @dewaforce / @dewacorp / dewaList / dewaMart / dewaster; Facebook/LinkedIn/Twitter fellow; no last name; geek; blogger

ID 152213

Duncan Burke

Systems Developer of OrionVM • Studying BSc. (Adv. Maths) at Sydney University

ID 172363

Alex Joyce

Worked at @newscorp, @fairfax, @holler-sydney, @spintel • @self-taught Symfony2 PHP Developer

ID 550864

Joseph Noel

IT project manager turned machine learning research engineer turned data scientist.

ID 432983

Bob Maidens

Ex Yahoo Engineer, currently heading up a front end team at a digital agency. I have a passion for learning and leading.

ID 304311

Jonas Budelmann

7+ years of industry experience. I specialize in creating highly interactive iOS and node.js applications

ID 289518

Nikita Sinenko

Ruby on Rails Developer from Sydney

ID 437492

Paul Maynard

I just like making stuff. I've learnt all my computing skills on the job. Worked with Windows since version 2, UNIX, handmade OS. Would love to start developing for iOS.

ID 31553

Dan O'Reilly

Technical co-founder of @inthis, Founder of @rapid-sbs, 10 years experience in I.T and strong background in CRM systems

ID 181484

Aaron Thorp

Founder Think Software programming for 21 years, B IT and business consulting, building solutions for business for 18 years

ID 398130

Thom Joy

Senior 'Full Stack' engineer, with a data driven mindset. Worked for startups in London and Sydney.

ID 188058

Tapio Saarinen

Mechatronics Engineer with ME looking at Activity Theory and design. <3 Programming and using FOSS for everything I do. My current work is mostly in Ruby+JS.

ID 619284

Bren Pearson

University of Wollongong CS, Intern Software Developer, have launched an Android app, Diploma of Software Development.

ID 656443

Samuel Liew

Full-stack Web Developer — CMS, MVC, LAMP, Yii, MongoDB, JavaScript/jQuery, CSS3, LESS, PayPal...

ID 108015

Benjamin Slabak

Founder, Director at @cloud-9-comix

ID 426316

Han Loong Liauw

Worked at @lawpath • Studied at @rmit-university, @university-of-wollongong

ID 307652

Enrico Susatyo

Founder of @PhotoJournalMag, previously at @atlassian.

ID 555315

Pablo Ignacio Garcés Lacámara

Full motivated entrepreuneur

ID 274495


Founder TouchPulse

ID 359784

Matthew Groves

SQL Server DBA with 2 years of experience.

ID 162646

Farid Wardan

ID 13370

Ralph Wintle

Founder of Ruby on Rails developer & Starter League (formerly CodeAcademy) Alum.

ID 565370

Seb W

Ruby on Rails Developer

ID 366616

Mathieu Kempe

CTO at Selz, Master in computer science

ID 642284

Thomas Williams

Software Engineer at Pacom Systems; worked at Siemens and SouthCott Hydraulics

ID 661794

Zeyu Wang

ID 388717

MiKu Mevada

Polygot Programming/Databases, Enterprise Apps, Solution Designing, Spring & PMP Certified Professional, Technology Agnostic

ID 515645

Zack Golenia

UoN CS, Java, Generalist, Full Stack Web Development, SQL, HTML5, CSS3, .Net, Business Analysis, Hibernate, Objective-C, banking systems.

ID 528962

Aaron Stephenson

ID 229261

Zehua Liu

Backend guy but titled Full Stack Developer now. Worked at 3 startups in the last 7 years.

ID 450075

Nick Doherty

Product Guy & Jr. Developer (full-stack). Graduating from General Assembly WDI (Sydney) in January. Worked at zeebox, SBS, ABC, Fabric.

ID 491052

Victor Garcia

Software Engineer. Cofounder @TouchPayments. Enjoying life in beautiful Sydney

ID 138891

Diana DeVargas


ID 361756

Luis Barguñó

Google SWE

ID 402551

Kym McInerney

doing the interwebs on rails - multitenant and scalable

ID 506466

Irwan Bello

Master student at ECP (France), worked as a data scientist for Infosys and NICTA. Strong math/machine learning background and a healthy dose of common sense.

ID 94233

Christopher Bartlett

General Manager of SEED TECH. Full Stack Developer and Project Manager of Bespoke Software Solutions.
http://[email protected]

ID 94026

Evgeny Komarevtsev

Minimalist and problem solver

ID 371835

Simer Plaha

Java dev. Love coding, problem solving and building awesome software products.

ID 468702

Jérôme Ky

I am passionate by development, always looking to develop my skills further, researching new technologies and reveling in new challenges.

ID 187430

Steven Chan

User Experience Designer

ID 350884

Narendra Tumkur

Software Engineer, Fullstack generalist, Founded a successful software services firm in Sydney, Australia. Looking to work in my spiritual home - Silicon Valley

ID 536313

Srikar Govindarajula

Masters in Computer Science,Full stack engineer,Worked with many programming languages,You name it I code in it.

ID 265876

Scott Coleman


web developer, psychology major @unsw

ID 130111

fei wang

Engineer at Rocket

ID 585616

Chris Doble

JavaScript developer at Atlassian

ID 496637

Christopher Grantham

Full stack developer with 5+ years experience.

ID 538513

Mariano Carpentier

Software Engineer, Java, Groovy, C/C++, .NET. Worked at Citibank, Verizon, Mercadolibre.

ID 473353

Hai Luu

Software architect, PhD in Computer Science; Designed and implemented brain training and accelerated learning applications.

ID 519791

Richard Hill

Full time back end and front end web developer for over 5 years, part time game developer for 10 years

ID 72383

Peter Salka

I'm a digital marketing and technology consultant and a freelance web and mobile solutions architect.

ID 534554

Luke Rhodes

Devout iOS developer adding my personal touch and UX perfection to apps for enterprise and high-end brands for the past 6 years.

ID 536301

Sudhakar Dhavala

Full Stack developer with extensive experience in product development. Worked with two tech startup's and formely with Wells fargo, HSBC.

ID 457158

Prateek Pandey

Launched Selection Benchmarking tool, which crawls Seller sites and extracts selection information. Used as one of the critical component in business analytics at Junglee

ID 485043

Simon Grimm

Web Dev Generalist, PHP + JS by trade. Always willing to learn + move for the right opportunity.

ID 594875

Vincent Zhao

Self-educated software programmer and web developer, with hands-on experience building entire solutions from ground up.

ID 260409

Daniel Schragl

PhD Student @University of Sydney, cloud computing, performance analysis web applications. MSc and BSc in IT @johannes-kepler-university-linz. 19 years in IT.

ID 669820

Daniel Smith

Fourth Year Deans Honours Mechatronic Engineering/Computer Science UNSW

ID 586267

Pranava S Balugari

Keep Looking Don't settle

ID 701605

David Boyd

Senior Software Engineer/Team Lead 12+ years. Have worked for Defence, Startups and Telecoms.

ID 605343

Daniel Leow

Design and developed web based photovoltaic monitoring system for 6 photovoltaic projects within 4 years.

ID 390481

Giles Butler

Front End Dev, UI/UX Skills, Worked at CBA, VML.

ID 548658

Andrew Dittmer

I'm passionate about Android and I want to make high quality apps with a focus on ease of use and beautiful aesthetics. I have 3 years experience.

ID 275184

Andy Sharman

@de-montfort-university BSc, Web Application Engineer of 6 years, Programming for 13 years. Enduro nut and lover of science and history.

ID 550154

Steven Sinatra

A front-end web developer/designer. Hails from Indonesia. Loves minimalist design.

ID 542216

Leigh Dearden

ID 421868

Will Roberts

Worked at @rightmove, @capita-employee-benefits

ID 585115

Christian Teran Montero

Software Engineer at Auscomm Services Pty Limited

ID 608596

Joe Yang

ID 512571

Wagner Alves

Java Developer with a strong technical background and over 6 years experience in the field.

ID 410943

Julio Cesar Ody

Programmer, wordsmith, designer.

ID 521481

Kayne Barclay

Full Stack Developer, love getting a broad overview of the whole system, top to bottom.

ID 586375

Marcus Hoile

Full stack web developer with a passion for Ruby on Rails.

ID 521754

Alexey Shkolnikov

Frontend developer

ID 436402

Harry Curotta

Purveyor of fun facts. Currently Ruby dev at @GoodCallCo

ID 470925

Mridul Khanal

Full stack developer, Client conversations to Consulting to Development to Deployment of projects, technically headed projects to release, Startup work exp.

ID 364756

Mukthar Shiek

Software Architect and an agile evangelist

ID 512478

Leif Schjeide

Experienced Software Engineer, seeking employment in Sydney or Melbourne.

ID 411001

Trent Murray

Hungry to succeed, can turn crayon drawings into blueprints and can be put in front of tech heads or technical abysses. Healthy, fit and ready for the challenge

ID 443303

James Hartcher

Founder & Managing Director at Chook Digital - digital agency in Sydney, Australia. Board Member at Moshcam.

ID 422099

Paul Cooper

Why can't my headline be blank?

ID 359023

Alexey Raga

Programmer (.NET), likes photography and traveling, used to live in Belgium, Russia, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan.

ID 441953

Jan-Klaas Kollhof

Passionate about software development.

ID 332880

Jerry zheng

Front-end professional

ID 469347

Maxim Zakharov

Software Engineering Leader; design maintain an open source project

ID 431428

Fritscher Eduard

Java developer @ DVSK, STU FIIT Student, PeWe FIIT member, Java & Ruby, Recommender systems, <3 Startups

ID 491513

Chris Simpson

Broad range of skills - end to end experience: front end, .NET/MVC 4+ backend and native app skills iOS/Objective C & serial entrepreneur

ID 474134

Cindy Huang

I challenge companies to engage in the dynamics of the global market - to fuel innovation through access to global talent. Do you dare to diversify your talent?

ID 512768

Cesar Tang

Senior IT Professional | Specialising in Database Management | ITIL | BPM | Strategic Planning | Enterprise Architecture

ID 358935

Matthew Kelly


ID 375736

Laurent Comparet

Snr Software Engineer

ID 493526

Tiffany McHugh

Looking to connect skilled General Assembly web development graduates with career opportunities

ID 361883

Matt Joiner

Linux systems developer and super nerd

ID 279982

Hiroshi Tazawa

With a growing interest in Ruby (Rails), Objective-C and Objective-C, I am eager to gain a role that can provide an opportunity to code with these technologies.

ID 37751

Will Cannings

Founder at two Aus startups, shareware developer as a teenager, architect and head developer in Rails and C projects, researcher in computational linguistics.

ID 140609

Jacob Evans

Worked at @rsa-security

ID 170489

Ravi Shanker

I founded, Have both business (Product & Program Management) and technology (can code) background

ID 115338

Isaac Liu

Full stack web guru. Experienced CTO in startup environments. Experience in managing global development team. Worked at Alcatel-Lucent, weowe and COzero.

ID 146818

George Bratan

Founder of @discover-io. Strong experience with Web Technologies and eProcurement, eAuctioning.

ID 664489

Félix Déage

26 French tech guy, looking for a job/intership in WebDev -

ID 205592

Geoff Wellman

Head of Technology at Mobile Embrace. Strong background in mobile web applications. Programmer, Fitness Fanatic and Home automation enthusiast.

ID 82495


Design and tech all-rounder, with professional experience in graphic design and software development.

ID 79752

Geoffrey Huntley

ID 200786

Tim Stevens


ID 196912

Dave Cheney

Sysadmin, Software Engineer, Architect, Hardware Hacker, jack of many trades.

ID 641271

Artur Shamsutdinov

ID 310153


ID 333911

Łukasz Biedrycki

Competent System Architect / Engineer with several years of experience in an international environment. Very good practical and theoretical knowledge of implementing new and improving existing functionalities and systems.

ID 669785

Monika Tyagi

Software Testing Engineer, Working experience in GIS field with TELE ATLAS and TOMTOM.

ID 643100

Amir Hussein Samiani

SQL Server and .NET Solution Architect

ID 672273

Steven Hadley

Technologist, coder, architect, Android and web dude, developer advocate for Albert @CommBank. Views, opinions mine etc.

ID 251027

D. Diego Bosco

iOS Developer, product strategist, founder Panacea Srl, Co-director Terra Australis Music. Cross media Producer & Ceo.

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