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ID 187613

Chris Plough


Advisor, entrepreneur, storyteller.

ID 163644

Jonathan lui


Co-Founder & COO @airtasker-1 • Co-Founder @Tank Stream Labs • Co-Founder @tank-stream-ventures • Worked at @ibm, @amaysim • Studied at @university-of-new-south-wales

ID 155395

Adrian Bunter


Corporate Advisor, Mentor and Investor. Work at Venture Advisory. Worked at @pwc-1

ID 17996

Steve King

Founder Sming, Mapify; Worked at @yahoo on IMS and realtime property analytics. Currently work at Macquarie Uni, Product Architect and User Experience.

ID 76315

Pete Moore


Founder of @ninja-blocks. Previously founder of @cenqua (acquired by @atlassian). Serial entrepreneur, startup advisor, and angel investor.

ID 11727

Alan Jones


Growth at @BlueChilliGroup • founder @TheNewAgencyAU • Worked at @yahoo, @microsoft • Charter investor in @startmate @pollenizer @blackbird-ventures

ID 227356

Rami Weiss

Founder @boomerater • Studied at @university-of-new-south-wales, @stern-school-of-business

ID 33977

Gordon Bell


@microsoft Principal Researcher. Invested time/money in over 100 US startups. Wrote a book, High Tech Startup: The Guide to Entrepreneurial Success.

ID 63094

Adam Broadway


Founder, DesksNear.Me, PeerAnalytics, Founder/CTO and Trainer @business-catalyst (acquired by Adobe);

ID 158725

Stephen Dash


Founder and CEO @credible • Founder @quickcharge-media-1 • Worked at @jp-morgan • Worked at M.H. Carnegie & Co.

ID 335375

Stephen Steneker

Full stack software development polyglot with particular interests in personalisation, recommendation, databases, and analytics.

ID 37188

Nick Crocker


Product @myfitnesspal . Founder @sessions-2 (Acq. '13) & @we-are-hunted (acq. Twitter '11). @rock_health '12. Team @ @boxee & @startmate-exploration-fund .

ID 49237

Casey Ellis

Technologist, entrepreneur, security guy. CEO and Founder @bugcrowd. 10+ years information security enterprise solutions and sales. Chess not checkers.

ID 527523

Aaron Bertinetti


Investor @surprise-attack @real-estate-investar @abacus Exec @glass-lewis-co-llc Governance, investments, management, biz dev, digital entertainment b/gnd.

ID 28711

Tony Faure


Early stage active investor. Chairman: @dealised, @the Sound Alliance, @pollenizer, @Torque. Former CEO @ninemsn, @yahoo South Asia.

ID 31691

Jared Keen


Founder @couponstar-ltd • Sold to @coupons-com • VP Business Development at @coupons-com. Adviser and Investor. Studied at @university-of-new-south-wales

ID 350474

West Stringfellow

CPO @ Bigcommerce. Previously reinvented or created products for @amazon, @paypal, @visa and @rosetta-stone

ID 176778

Nick Bishop

President & CEO @ddb West, VP @the-coca-cola-company, EVP @g2-grey-advertising, President @mccann-erickson SF, CEO @McCann Sydney, Chairman @mccann-erickson NL

ID 7551

Abhishek Tiwari

Solutions Architect. I build real-time polyglot applications with big data in the cloud.

ID 31264

Jed Fisher

Focused on building great products, businesses, and teams. Past: VP Engineering (Sequoia company),VP Product Strategy, Founder; Exp with Fortune100s & startups

ID 267564

Ashod Balanian


• Chief Investment Officer • Angel & Advisor • Co-Founder @launch-partners • Previously worked at @nasa • Studied at @harvard-university University

ID 264653

Adam Palmer

CEO of Gramble.

ID 21332

Adrian C Roche


Background in Financial Services (UBS, Citibank, Credit Lyonnais), Founder of Paycorp online payments IPO exit 2008, Founder Bennelong Capital Partners.

ID 88950

John Eden

Founder @ipiphany-group • Worked at @zynga, @securify • Studied @stanford-university Law, @stanford-university, @duke-university

ID 543746

Mikel Lindsaar

CEO and Founder of reinteractive, and Successfully built and sold Humanitarian and entrepreneur.

ID 34947

Robert Yearsley

Co-Founder and CEO of Collusion. Advisor OrionVM & Fishburners, Serial Entrepreneur, Mentor, Startup community helper. Enjoying Silicon Valley

ID 77031

Felix Menard

@weroll CEO. Well-travelled, product-manager, art-lover, dedicated coder, everyday bike-rider.

ID 84863

Todd Heslin


Startup guy | Blogger @ - Empowering entrepreneurs to create remarkable experiences

ID 442587

Cate Hull

Founder @freightexchange-it • Started life as a data geek. Strong background in business @ernst-and-young, @citibank @commbank. BA.MBA

ID 663735

Aaron Weller

Founder @crucial-cloud-hosting

ID 167696

Rab Memari

Founder @altitude-4

ID 149613

David C Brudenell


EVP of @pureprofile, Co-founder of C2 Ventures.

ID 305867

David Cruz

Founder @bookedwith • Worked at @plandree • Studied at @university-of-sydney, @macquarie-university

ID 11092

Darren J Pollard

Mobile. Social. Gaming. Monetization. Been around long enough to know how to use a DOS shell. 5 startups. One $25M exit. Well traveled Australian. Connected.

ID 175065

Emma Weston

Business creator & advisor, NED, writer & blogger at EMpression

ID 370459

Ari K

Founder @deal-getters, 4Play Drink • Studied at @macquarie-university

ID 345446

Toni Ellis

ID 440638


ID 163309

Martin Tindall


Part of Kronos International Invesments, Kronos invests, incubates and consults with companies in the fields of real estate, renewables, beverages and tech.

ID 443303

James Hartcher

Founder & Managing Director at Chook Digital - digital agency in Sydney, Australia. Board Member at Moshcam.

ID 380463

Howard Leibman

Co-Founder and Chief Commercial Officer at Booodl. Founder of Growth Equity Partners. Corp Dev and Finance exec. Elec Eng undergrad. MBA from AGSM and LBS.

ID 382032

Michael Watts

MBA professional looking to stay away from corporate firms. Experience in business development, growth strategy, and SaaS sales.

ID 169345

Helen Lupton

I'm awesome. I do yoga. I know kung fu. ENFJ/Mentor.

ID 104464

Len Chersky

Managing Director of @wolfram-advisory. Deep experience in M&A, corporate strategy and fund raising.

ID 102282

Greg Twemlow

director of Texo Solutions Group, manager of Plus Connect Limited, commercial advisor for Lenstag

ID 418871

Jason Burgess


Worked at @cmb-capital • Studied at @university-of-sydney

ID 587217

Murray Hurps

#47 in Shoestring's Top 50 Australian Entrepreneurs, 16 years of founder experience, 23 years of coding experience, heavily involved in Australian startups.

ID 336910

Jake Cunningham

Co-founder Slango! Visionary of Vision at Pinstripe Media

ID 152651

oscar peppitt

Founder @the-green-way-up. Start-up consultant based in Sydney. BAS, MCom, The Sydney University.

ID 158814

Nathan Lynch

ID 272876

Michael Lieu

Co-founded troopr • Works at @macquarie-bank • Studied @australian-national-university • Runner-up Entrepreneurs' Organisation Australian Student Entrepreneur of the Year

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