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ID 114480

Bosco Tan


Co-Founder @pocketbook, Previously co-founded @getlisted,, Investor in @jayride, @happy-inspector

ID 36883

Federico Bucchi

My studies and strong interest in information and communications technology, computer science, social networking and the web have become my career.

ID 291712

Michael Dunworth

Co-Founder of SNAPCARD. Big fan of digital currencies. I write left handed, kick right footed and play tennis right handed. :)

ID 15687

Brad Furber

20+ years startup/VC experience in USA, EU and Australia: co-founder; biz dev, advisor, angel, Boards and legal counsel. Duke J.D., M.A.; Univ of Washington

ID 102798

Vinay Patankar

World Traveler & Tech Entrepreneur. Youngest Cisco Engineer in Australia. 4th Internet Company. Background in Sales, Marketing, Business & Tech.

ID 93457

Mark M. Whelan

British design thinker, co- founder of @vizuluxdesign strong international business background. Stanford D:school educated. Easily found @hacker-dojo

ID 165294

Roger Kermode

Co-Founder, @pushstart-1 (Sydney Based Seed Accelerator) / CTO Comms, Media, Entertainment (South Pac) HP. @massachusetts-institute-of-technology Media Lab Ph.D.

ID 460085

Mike Kofi Okyere


Work @issuu Worked @google, @admob, @criteo • Studied at @iu @cal • Investor

ID 173405

Simon Chapman

Founder at Quotefish. Strong creative and problem solving background. Hard worker and loving father. Worked at The Beach, BMF, Publicis Mojo and Sales Success.

ID 58857

Ryan Wardell

5 startups. 1 exit. 4 "learning experiences". Jack of all trades, master of none. Currently looking for a growth hacking/community management/product management role in Sydney or SF

ID 215367

Wayne Trattles


Worked at @cisco-systems-deleted-deleted, @singtel-optus • Investor @netcomm-limited • Studied at @bond-university

ID 82485

David Hyman


Co-Founder & MD @ Australian Credit and Finance, General Partner at @tipping-point-ventures, Formerly Sales Director at @livingsocial AU/NZ

ID 259238

James Blanche

ID 58142

Darren Patterson


Investor @ Puntclub @lumific Team @bridgelane-group Chief Operating Officer & Investor at @datasift Inc @yahoo

ID 122452

Steve Barham

Global Sales and Revenue Executive

ID 393785

Damien Andreasen


Cofounded and Invested in The Search Party, Cofounded LawPath, Director of Sales at Spreets which sold for $40 million after 11 months.

ID 182472

James Windon

Founder & President, @brigade. Committee Member @tank-stream-ventures. Advisor @womply, @credible , @property-connect. Previously @causes , WTO, Law.

ID 90152

Nathan Murphy

CEO/Founder MuesliForMe - breakfast subcom. Started first biz @ 16 (now 21). Biz-dev hustler with a passion for tech.

ID 564020

Sam Johnston

Worked at @Coogle, @equinix & @citrix • Founded various tech startups • Studied at @unsw • Lived in AU, US, IE, FR & CH

ID 114741

Lloyd Perry

Founder @ Big Richard. Maker of things @flowsparkstudio @level34group. Content creator and business builder.

ID 491489

Thomas Giacomo

Serial Entrepreneur. 2 successful startups (+1M€ revenue). IB background (M&A). ESCP Europe Master, HEC Montreal BBA (Finance), MIT certificate (Big data)

ID 187987

Toby Freestone

Worked at @accenture, @glossybox, @theiconic Studied at @university-of-edinburgh

ID 113570

Sam Rahmanian


Business Development Director @tes-australia

ID 465676

Pavel Tsarevskiy

Cambridge MBA, professional manager with significant experience in business and technology

ID 339843

Alexander Harper

Global Entrepreneur - projects completed in 3 separate continents - business degrees from CBS and UNSW - 2 languages and a whole lot of understanding of what it takes to get things done.

ID 207179

Nathan McCarthy

Founder @sentimeasure • Developing cloud security applications at Covata. Self Defending Data. Worked at @ubs-investment-bank, @macquarie-bank • Studied at @university-of-technology-sydney

ID 542860

Peter Samaan

Lawyer with entrepreneurial experience seeking a new challenge to leverage a critically structured grounding with an analytical skill set.

ID 84863

Todd Heslin


Startup guy | Blogger @ - Empowering entrepreneurs to create remarkable experiences

ID 356619


Thirst for adventures.

ID 146503

Mat Beeche

Founder of @shoe-string-media-group.

ID 544102

Alexandra Galin

Marketing, strategy, communications, finance, analytics, great network. Business background (capital raising, strategy, IR) with BA (Yale) and MBA (Cantab).

ID 167439

Dan Solo

Co-Founder of Innovative thinker, entrepreneur and tech fanatic... Love code, design and passionate people.

ID 56098

Andrew McCarthy

ID 45515


Mapping the Human Heart. GoPro and Big Data meet MovesApp. Storytelling, Motivation and Inspiration.

ID 113026

Nicola Farrell

Marketing at @pollenizer. Strong background in sales in early stage startups between Dublin and Sydney.

ID 584005

Alex Ducros

Founder @backseat 1st ridesharing app in Australia • Worked at @lehman-brothers, @nomura , @rocket-internet @groupon •

ID 442587

Cate Hull

Founder @freightexchange-it • Started life as a data geek. Strong background in business @ernst-and-young, @citibank @commbank. BA.MBA

ID 312038

Mark Neely

A business design and innovation consultant with a 15+ year track-record of helping clients - from start-ups to enterprise - re-imagine what is possible in their industry and make the most of the enormous opportunities created by market volatility and di

ID 558200

Tom Lavery

Over 10 years Management, Business Development and Sales experience in both the US and Europe. Experienced in building teams and growing revenue. We sold Reward Gateway for over $42m to Inflexion PE in 2010.

ID 217536

Chris Ball

CEO AdventureHoney. Worked at:@tyro-payments, @colliers-international. Led national sales team while studying commerce/law. International adventure junkie.

ID 326360

Niels-Christian Kruger


Head of ENT Google ANZ, General Mgr Iberia, AeroScout 2,5years (acquired in 2011) 10 years Cisco, International Backround, Investor in

ID 314688

Louise L

Louise is a qualified journalist with over twenty years experience in media and is a leading media relations specialist. She has also worked for international publishing giant, Conde Nast, on Vogue Australia, Vogue Entertaining & Vogue Living and worked o

ID 220184

Rebecca Paget

Founder of BSc + MPhil (Strategy & Entrepreneurship), UNSW. Well connected in Sydney startup scene.

ID 260150


I talk. I learnt to code (a little). I meet people. I sell. I learn quickly. I am keen and able.

ID 447608

Benjamin Read

Seasoned Product Person | Business Strategist | Entrepreneur | Investor. Strong business acumen w/10 years of broad experience (KPMG Consulting, Citi, Visa)

ID 147206

Stephen Walker

Worked at @interwoven • Studied at @university-of-new-south-wales

ID 638921

Ove-Henrik Røine

UNSW International Business Postgraduate

ID 336957

Mark Tanner

Australian, New Yorker, Xoogler.

ID 215614

David Francis

Creative Technologist. Proven emerging tech Business Developer. Pain-finder and strategy-driver.

ID 162666

Peter Charara

Founder & CEO @quotespot, Sales & Adv. Director @tradiebook • Worked at @dcm-landscapes-pty-ltd • Studied at @university-of-sydney

ID 100125

Garret Krampe

Prolific Inventor. My day starts and finishes with an idea that gets fleshed out as the day progresses since I was 9 yo. Extremely broad knowledge of Tech.

ID 214835

Jack Lo


MBA at MGSM B Com LLB Chartered Accountant

ID 350523

Angelina Ebeling

Multilingual Strategy and HR enthusiast, Bachelor in Economics and Entrepreneurship, looking for 3-5 months internships in Melbourne starting in February 2014

ID 209286

David Francis

Product Developer and UX Creative with proven BizDev skills. Working in AR, Mobile Payment Software, live data-feed 3D Terra Imaging.

ID 435955

Clément H. Dieudonné

Applied Materials Program & Business Manager, worked in Bay Area, Europe, China, Japan. Leader of MBA student team winning 4 international biz plan competitions

ID 635716

Peter Karanicolas

Founder Digital Property Group • Studied at @swinburne-university. Strong sales and marketing background. Positive, and easy going with good business acumen.

ID 292474

Dylan Murray

Co-founder of Bespoke Laser (acquired) & Bespoke Trading Co. Sydney based finance-guy.

ID 113290

Darren Goonawardana

Founder, Entrepreneur & VP of Sales with extensive experience in making it happen for tech start-ups across the world.

ID 212002

Jake Carter

Operations FX EFX PM Cash Mngt Treasury Risk Business Design Architecture Program Project Algo Aggregation Execution SOR CEP Apama Agile SCRUM Offshore

ID 349834

Rob Rattray

Founder, adviser, investor to early-stage tech companies. Masters of Commerce (Entrepreneurial Studies and Information Systems).

ID 245670

Chris Short

Finance/Risk + Sales background; Seeking a role in a tech company; Worked at Propex Derivatives, Lend Lease*

ID 356220

Austin D'Mello

Founder Vocatys Pty Ltd • Worked at @mouthwateringmenus-com-au • Studied at @university-of-sydney

ID 387139

Julia Szatar

Comms all rounder: Marketing, Biz Dev, PR. International Expansion. Studied @USYD. Worked with SideCar, Uber, Virgin Australia & Australian Government.

ID 631312

Daniel Natoli

ID 208831

Chen Wang

Founder foodinger • Worked at @jp-morgan • Studied at @university-of-new-south-wales

ID 289855

Khaled Chatila

Co-Founded ISEE Eyewear & Arabian Wheatgrass Co. & Investor in Tonic JuiceBars - in Dubai, UAE.

ID 295581

Daniel Stefanic

Partner Manager for APAC at Atlassian. Helping Asia collaborate with Aussie software.

ID 327507

Scott Miegel

Applico • Studied at @clemson-university, @university-of-newcastle

ID 590872

Macleay Christopherson

I'm passionate about turning concepts into great products and services. I work with start-ups to commercialize new products, new service lines and new markets.

ID 319153

Thibault de Waziers

Worked at @local-motion • Studied at @ecole-polytechnique

ID 426660

zoe gault

Musician, CPA, Alcohol Industry

ID 474053

Alex Bechelli

Sales Strategy/Business Development, Corporate Consulting/Executive Headhunting/HR Consulting. Business Background (Randstad holding, KPMG & St George Bank)

ID 473225

Victor Albert Marco

Has 7 years sales and customer service experience. Driven, self-motivated, passionate about social media and IT start ups. Willing to learn & improve

ID 383606

Prudhvi Teja

Product execution, Worked at @cpm-matrix, @trv-trading • Studied at @university-of-auckland

ID 489155

Ashley Ma

Economics and Finance Graduate. Previously at the Founder Institute.

ID 521336

Pippa Camilleri

CEO of Solsis & Co. Large Enterprise Sales and Marketing background. Honours degree in Medical Science.

ID 129922

Brad Cohen

Management Consultant and Commercial Transactions Consultant with Law Degree & CA qualification. Tech-savvy, business minded and extremely hard working!

ID 622382

Shane Brunette

Founded Brunette Brothers after sales career at Dell.

ID 550673

Marc Cote

Entrepreneur and Consultant. MBA and vast experience in Sales,Marketing,Leadership, Legal and looking to change the world!

ID 368152

Ron Schroeder

Seasoned Professional - Entrepreneur - Business Development

ID 439317

Dan Grey

ID 299570

Philip Faraj

Founder @social-generation, Veery • Venture Developer @ Touch Payments Australia • Studied Commerce Law at @macquarie-university University

ID 473944

Bom Shin

Ex-investment banker (Citi) and M&A lawyer (Mallesons) looking for unique opportunities.

ID 382032

Michael Watts

MBA professional looking to stay away from corporate firms. Experience in business development, growth strategy, and SaaS sales.

ID 260458

Ashley Morony

Business Student at University of Sydney; Facebook lover; worked with various Start-ups and small-to-medium IT companies as a R&D tax advisor.

ID 670189

William Lyons

University of Sydney

ID 457988

Alyse Corcoran

Bachelor of Commerce student at the University of Sydney aiming to learn about the tech industry

ID 425753

Lachlan Robertson

Marketing lead @ibm, with real sales and product experience. Understands how to give clients the products and services that they actually want.

ID 473263

Geoffrey Zabell

Commerce/Science UQ Graduate, business development/strategy professional, photographer, skiier, founder of e-commerce retailer ZUKUZOO

ID 304322

Heather Mendelsohn

Enthusiastic opportuntist studying Chemical engineering/economics. Worked at CSIRO, ExxonMobil and Schlumberger. Strong critical analysis & interpersonal skills

ID 529101

Amy Cahill

Apple Business Specialist, recent graduate with a love of all things business and tech.

ID 220425

Lee Jaffe

Fearless sales executive with senior-level management and line experience Significant sales & sales leadership exp in digital for start ups and Fortune 500.

ID 627671

Mark R

Sales focused, marketing savvy, ecommerce & online marketing experienced. Creative growth specialist.

ID 452476

Victor Zhang

7 years B2B sales experience, managing multinational team and business in APAC. Startup 2 trading companies, 1 sports company and 1 mobile app company.

ID 482095

Ulrich Schild

Say what you think, do what you say, be what you do -- if its not in that order change

ID 540215

Andrew Wiltshire

Sales Director | Channels & Alliances | Software | Business Development | Cloud | Entreprenuer | Startup Specialist

ID 356425

Peter Hislop Speers

Marketing, William Smith & Sons

ID 589802

Melissa Curran

ID 506479

Marcelo Borges da Cruz

12 yrs of account management experience, developing long-term relationships. Positive attitude + creativity = Overcoming challenges and always “shipping”

ID 159705

Carl Gatti

Building on a long and distinguished career with @wyndham-vacation-ownership, Carl Gatti most recently accepted assignment in Australia.

ID 696284

Max McFarlane

Would like to find a great start-up to put my banking, strategy, sales and MBA experience into.

ID 566931

Chelsea Kahle

Operations Manager at eBay (specifically eBay Now). Background in strategic partnerships, recruiting, customer service, event planning, community management.

ID 573372

Trevayne O'Brien

Business Development and Finance Specialist with experience in Foreign Exchange, ICT Server, Storage and Networking platforms for the entertainment industry.

ID 487120

William Liu

ID 474134

Cindy Huang

I challenge companies to engage in the dynamics of the global market - to fuel innovation through access to global talent. Do you dare to diversify your talent?

ID 647262

Jakob Webster

ID 485172

Dalton Fouts

ID 693121

Jeremy Singh

Sales professional with a successful track record in launching new businesses.

ID 483586

Suz Chambers

'New breed' Marketing & Sales Professional seeking impetus for change

ID 489635

Sagar Shah

Ballarat IT Grad., Founder of Ecommerce Startup, Digital Marketing Professional, Growth Hacker and User Acquisition Dude.

ID 493905

Luis Rene Ramirez

Service based entrepreneur, started F&B, travel and logistics businesses, getting into e-commerce logistics now.

ID 351101

Wesley Blundy

ID 272111

Gunjan Verma

Operations Guru - Groupon, Accenture, Coke

ID 638102

Sandy Bains

ID 651242

Brian Heap

Sales ops for 2 years

ID 386348

Michael Bates

Commercial ICT solicitor

ID 320500

Hugo Pakula

ID 462662

Zak Attia

Founder Bluem Visions, Bluem Visions

ID 411001

Trent Murray

Hungry to succeed, can turn crayon drawings into blueprints and can be put in front of tech heads or technical abysses. Healthy, fit and ready for the challenge

ID 455891

Melissa Reeve

Victoria University of Wellington

ID 396260

Matthew Trustrum


Entrepreneur;Investor;Award Winning Biz Owner;Conference Speaker. Expert: International Sales,Biz Dev,Branding, Recruitment,Talent,High Social Intelligence

ID 425114

Ram Kumar

->Worked for Galaxy S4, Note2, Galaxy Grand, Galaxy Mega, Galaxy S3, First LTE phone of Samsung etc.

ID 657790

Braddy Bailey

Left Aus after high school to live in Japan for 5 years working and studying. Moved to Thailand to study international studies, business and web design.

ID 368338

Matthew Bubna-Litic

Mobile App Sales Specialist

ID 232549

Glenn Latch

Please see profile or talk to me for details.

ID 102723

Michael Tate

Successful sales and marketing expert who has achieved extraordinary results within broadcasting & media space globally. Participated in 4 successful Startups.

ID 101257

Philipp Beer

Working at @google Enterprise - making products truly global (i18n). M.Sc in International Management from ESADE (Spain) and University of Sydney 2010.

ID 132002

Nathan Butcher

National Sales Manager at @volcom

ID 405418

Ian Haynes

Technology innovator and start-up specialist. Give me a piece of white paper see the concepts grow, mature, find traction and sell...profitably.

ID 346935

Campbell McKay

update soon

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