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ID 143828

Daniel Noble

Specialist in the rapid growth of early stage business operations, strategic partnerships and capital raising.

ID 41453

Greg Nazvanov

CFP, @mba-1 and author of "Working for Yourself"and "Unborn Leaders"

ID 13918

Garry Visontay


Investor • Partner @sydney-seed-fund • Cofounder and Chairman @recruitloop • Chairman of @designcrowd • Chairman @oneflare • Director of Fresh Venture Group

ID 262967

Nicolas Scudamore-Smith


Worked at M&A @kpmg Corporate Finance & Investment Banking @rbs . Sourcing JV opportunities for early stage businesses to expand into Australasia

ID 542860

Peter Samaan

Lawyer with entrepreneurial experience seeking a new challenge to leverage a critically structured grounding with an analytical skill set.

ID 58142

Darren Patterson


Investor @ Puntclub @lumific Team @bridgelane-group Chief Operating Officer & Investor at @datasift Inc @yahoo

ID 465676

Pavel Tsarevskiy

Cambridge MBA, professional manager with significant experience in business and technology

ID 613799

Elizabeth A Terrell

@booz-allen-hamilton, @david-all-group alum- paid to strategize, instruct, implement, and manage special projects engaging humans and technology since 1996.

ID 584005

Alex Ducros

Founder @backseat 1st ridesharing app in Australia • Worked at @lehman-brothers, @nomura , @rocket-internet @groupon •

ID 113570

Sam Rahmanian


Business Development Director @tes-australia

ID 78491

Michael Frizell


Founder and CEO @ Paws For Life, Studied at @University of Western Australia, Worked at Greenhill

ID 479882

George Raptis

Operations @Credible, Advisor, Director, Law & Commerce @BondUniversity (Hons, Valedictorian)

ID 281437

Arj Selvam

Operations at Uber ; B.Eng (Mechanical), B.Com (Finance) at UWA 2008

ID 462447

Alan Lee

Worked at @orionvm maintaining and deploying their core systems.

ID 11727

Alan Jones


Growth at @BlueChilliGroup • founder @TheNewAgencyAU • Worked at @yahoo, @microsoft • Charter investor in @startmate @pollenizer @blackbird-ventures

ID 48672

Katherine Santer

CEO & Co-Founder of; Strong business consulting background (CRAI, independent consultant to MIT professors); Product Manager at Telstra BigPond

ID 393785

Damien Andreasen


Cofounded and Invested in The Search Party, Cofounded LawPath, Director of Sales at Spreets which sold for $40 million after 11 months.

ID 143992

Dale McCarthy


Digital investor and business strategist.

ID 15687

Brad Furber

20+ years startup/VC experience in USA, EU and Australia: co-founder; biz dev, advisor, angel, Boards and legal counsel. Duke J.D., M.A.; Univ of Washington

ID 179111

Zach Kitschke

Head of Communications at @canva

ID 2531

Pete Cooper


Geek. Realtime. Finance. Startups. Comp Sci+Biz (UTS). Harvard. Oxford. Rothschild. Macquarie Bank. Standard Chartered Bank. Australian Securities Exchange.

ID 544656

Michael Scardicchio

Founder Bellezze Software Development Inc. • Worked at @university-of-toronto-1 • Studied at @university-of-toronto, @bond-university

ID 635777

Samuel Marks

Engineering Lead, Full-stack engineer, budding entrepreneur seeking CTO position

ID 544021

Paul Nunes

Attention to detail and a keen understanding of broad strategy. 3 sucesfull crowd funding campaigns.

ID 590932

Ellen English

Experienced marketing and business generalist, with strengths in marketing strategy, digital marketing, project management and change management

ID 638921

Ove-Henrik Røine

UNSW International Business Postgraduate

ID 356220

Austin D'Mello

Founder Vocatys Pty Ltd • Worked at @mouthwateringmenus-com-au • Studied at @university-of-sydney

ID 325056

Rory Houston

Founder @choosly. Ex Australian Air Force fighter pilot and achiever of things. Property developer and business builder.

ID 590872

Macleay Christopherson

I'm passionate about turning concepts into great products and services. I work with start-ups to commercialize new products, new service lines and new markets.

ID 387139

Julia Szatar

Comms all rounder: Marketing, Biz Dev, PR. International Expansion. Studied @USYD. Worked with SideCar, Uber, Virgin Australia & Australian Government.

ID 167439

Dan Solo

Co-Founder of Innovative thinker, entrepreneur and tech fanatic... Love code, design and passionate people.

ID 469288

Marcelo Maidana

Head of Technology/CTO, entrepreneur, Worked at Yahoo

ID 541676

Michael Garrett

Founder & CEO of Physioworks. Strong background working all athletes & Maximizing peoples physical potential. Has a unique vision in field of P.T delivery

ID 429946

Ryan Goodridge

Visionary Entrepreneur, Creates Meaning. Founder Apdak, Worked at Moray & Agnew, RBC, Reed Elsevier, Singtel....

ID 442587

Cate Hull

Founder @freightexchange-it • Started life as a data geek. Strong background in business @ernst-and-young, @citibank @commbank. BA.MBA

ID 292474

Dylan Murray

Co-founder of Bespoke Laser (acquired) & Bespoke Trading Co. Sydney based finance-guy.

ID 349834

Rob Rattray

Founder, adviser, investor to early-stage tech companies. Masters of Commerce (Entrepreneurial Studies and Information Systems).

ID 285418

Vlad Christoff

Co-founded, bootstrapped and ran @Motobidia, LLC. Led product & operations @ngp-van-inc Experience spans eCommerce, cloud/SaaS, mobile, big data & CRM.

ID 287509

Alan Dee

Technology expert, Master of Entrepreneurship & Innovation. Ready made experienced CEO / CTO.

ID 451919

Alice Brennan

Oxford graduate with experience in marketing, website creation, social media and management.

ID 498138

Alex Taylor

Founder/CTO at BitPOS • Worked at @snyppit-pte-ltd • Studied at @university-of-sydney

ID 489155

Ashley Ma

Economics and Finance Graduate. Previously at the Founder Institute.

ID 647262

Jakob Webster

ID 671410

John Francis

Logistics Analyst at Optus. Keen to learn.

ID 336200

Scott Thomas

Director of Business Operations @booodl. Worked at @group-commerce, @yahoo-spreets

ID 457988

Alyse Corcoran

Bachelor of Commerce student at the University of Sydney aiming to learn about the tech industry

ID 326480

Nick Trkulja

ID 529101

Amy Cahill

Apple Business Specialist, recent graduate with a love of all things business and tech.

ID 408017

Dr Wolfgang Mueller-Leydig

Engineer & Entrepreneur - I reinvented Television

ID 555315

Pablo Ignacio Garcés Lacámara

Full motivated entrepreuneur

ID 538465

Calvin Cheng

ID 220425

Lee Jaffe

Fearless sales executive with senior-level management and line experience Significant sales & sales leadership exp in digital for start ups and Fortune 500.

ID 550673

Marc Cote

Entrepreneur and Consultant. MBA and vast experience in Sales,Marketing,Leadership, Legal and looking to change the world!

ID 473263

Geoffrey Zabell

Commerce/Science UQ Graduate, business development/strategy professional, photographer, skiier, founder of e-commerce retailer ZUKUZOO

ID 442232

Jon Westenberg

Founder Tuteable

ID 548424

Anuj Katkar

Linux administrator and Technical Consultant

ID 274925

Nicholas Tong

Founder Edisse • Worked at @westpac • Studied at @university-of-sydney • passionate about startups, innovation and technology

ID 310746

Lants / Atlanta Daniel

Founder @tetris-digital • Worked at @mccann-erickson, @r-co-brand-identity • Studied at @rmit-university

ID 129922

Brad Cohen

Management Consultant and Commercial Transactions Consultant with Law Degree & CA qualification. Tech-savvy, business minded and extremely hard working!

ID 113290

Darren Goonawardana

Founder, Entrepreneur & VP of Sales with extensive experience in making it happen for tech start-ups across the world.

ID 245670

Chris Short

Finance/Risk + Sales background; Seeking a role in a tech company; Worked at Propex Derivatives, Lend Lease*

ID 698495

Tia Sorensen

ID 647819

Elisia Retsas

Worked in Business Development & Communications for travel accommodation startup in Paris, France. Previously worked as a Solicitor in Adelaide, Australia.

ID 582209

Jason Brown

A results driven product and marketing executive with 14 years experience in the online services industry.

ID 177249

Andrew Cowie

Prepare startups for massive growth. Leadership, operations, anti-crisis. Long time Linux engineer, Open Source advocate. Java developer, Haskell aficionado.

ID 33975

Jason Palmer

Project Manager University of NSW Faculty of Engineering Web Project. Founder & CEO @life-s-project

ID 573372

Trevayne O'Brien

Business Development and Finance Specialist with experience in Foreign Exchange, ICT Server, Storage and Networking platforms for the entertainment industry.

ID 657790

Braddy Bailey

Left Aus after high school to live in Japan for 5 years working and studying. Moved to Thailand to study international studies, business and web design.

ID 520196

Katie Louise

Current Lead Artist. Environment art focused. Award Winner.

ID 454946


ID 638102

Sandy Bains

ID 566931

Chelsea Kahle

Operations Manager at eBay (specifically eBay Now). Background in strategic partnerships, recruiting, customer service, event planning, community management.

ID 466835

Anja Wendt

Generalist, developped Metal Music Community website, worked for multinational companies

ID 591528

Grégory Corbisier

ID 267738

Pedro Prado

PUC-Rio alumni, lawyer and business generalist; Lead a team advising italian infrastructure Atlantia in a R$3.3 Billion transaction.

ID 456918

Christophe Bourgeois

Senior Digital Project (& Account) Manager / Producer - Creative Digital, Video, Social Media, E-Marketing - Available now (freelance, short or long-term..)

ID 128740

James Nicholas

13 years exp in Film and Game Dev. COO,Producer, Screenwriter. Shipped Facebook/IOS/Android titles. Passionate about facilitating great concepts.

ID 477827

Tai Tran

ID 232549

Glenn Latch

Please see profile or talk to me for details.

ID 474134

Cindy Huang

I challenge companies to engage in the dynamics of the global market - to fuel innovation through access to global talent. Do you dare to diversify your talent?

ID 692599

Geoff Ongley

B. computer science, MBA in progress

ID 683259

Samuel Hagen

ID 491214

Dale King

Dale the Human as seen on TV. Entrepreneur, Music Producer - Team Wing, Reader of Books.

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