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ID 314465

Erick E. Pereda

Successful entrepreneur and experienced business strategist.

ID 245507

Ryan McCourt

B Com / LLB Student @university-of-sydney-1 , @lse. Work at @uber, @booodl, @ubs

ID 70688

Phil Gillman

15 years of strategically leveraging experience design, storytelling, content and utility to build successful brands, products and services.

ID 350523

Angelina Ebeling

Multilingual Strategy and HR enthusiast, Bachelor in Economics and Entrepreneurship, looking for 3-5 months internships in Melbourne starting in February 2014

ID 584005

Alex Ducros

Founder @backseat 1st ridesharing app in Australia • Worked at @lehman-brothers, @nomura , @rocket-internet @groupon •

ID 465676

Pavel Tsarevskiy

Cambridge MBA, professional manager with significant experience in business and technology

ID 106235

Nishant Menon

Former co-founder of @hipvite. Worked at Macquarie Group and Dell. Bioinformatics and Finance Honours degrees. Entrepreneur, all round business and tech guy.

ID 136720

Sumeet Patel

Co-Founder and CTO of @collusion • Software Engineer • Finance • Worked at @law-in-order • Studied at @university-of-technology-sydney

ID 542860

Peter Samaan

Lawyer with entrepreneurial experience seeking a new challenge to leverage a critically structured grounding with an analytical skill set.

ID 15687

Brad Furber

20+ years startup/VC experience in USA, EU and Australia: co-founder; biz dev, advisor, angel, Boards and legal counsel. Duke J.D., M.A.; Univ of Washington

ID 292474

Dylan Murray

Co-founder of Bespoke Laser (acquired) & Bespoke Trading Co. Sydney based finance-guy.

ID 380463

Howard Leibman

Co-Founder and Chief Commercial Officer at Booodl. Founder of Growth Equity Partners. Corp Dev and Finance exec. Elec Eng undergrad. MBA from AGSM and LBS.

ID 96211

James Giancotti


Former Mgmt Consultant @deloitte-consulting then Investment Banker. @goldman-sachs Invested @connect @taxiwise-acquired Co-Founder @bigcolors

ID 113890

Robert Hurst


Founder @audio-network • Worked at @pwc-1, @pearson • Studied at @insead-1, @university-of-bath

ID 226479

Charles Yim

Senior accountant @pwc-1 Fluent in both written and spoken English, Cantonese and Mandarin. Meticulous, reliable and work with maximum effort.

ID 400855

Subhro Bhattacharya

Experienced Audit Manager with significant experience auditing multinationals across Asia Pacific

ID 31803

JT Klepp

Founder of @mocondi. Team member of @accenture, @ernst-young, @mocondi, @the-mobile-media-company, @storyz, @mobione. @playspan , @visa

ID 305867

David Cruz

Founder @bookedwith • Worked at @plandree • Studied at @university-of-sydney, @macquarie-university

ID 638921

Ove-Henrik Røine

UNSW International Business Postgraduate

ID 555540

Taeer Khatib

UNSW Commerce, worked with multibillion dollar government departments and commercial enterprises as well as government start up businesses.

ID 473944

Bom Shin

Ex-investment banker (Citi) and M&A lawyer (Mallesons) looking for unique opportunities.

ID 260150


I talk. I learnt to code (a little). I meet people. I sell. I learn quickly. I am keen and able.

ID 538465

Calvin Cheng

ID 457988

Alyse Corcoran

Bachelor of Commerce student at the University of Sydney aiming to learn about the tech industry

ID 671410

John Francis

Logistics Analyst at Optus. Keen to learn.

ID 307482

Alexander Waters

Macquarie University graduate. 1st start up out of University. Background in sales and media.

ID 356220

Austin D'Mello

Founder Vocatys Pty Ltd • Worked at @mouthwateringmenus-com-au • Studied at @university-of-sydney

ID 631312

Daniel Natoli

ID 426660

zoe gault

Musician, CPA, Alcohol Industry

ID 245670

Chris Short

Finance/Risk + Sales background; Seeking a role in a tech company; Worked at Propex Derivatives, Lend Lease*

ID 447608

Benjamin Read

Seasoned Product Person | Business Strategist | Entrepreneur | Investor. Strong business acumen w/10 years of broad experience (KPMG Consulting, Citi, Visa)

ID 285418

Vlad Christoff

Co-founded, bootstrapped and ran @Motobidia, LLC. Led product & operations @ngp-van-inc Experience spans eCommerce, cloud/SaaS, mobile, big data & CRM.

ID 368152

Ron Schroeder

Seasoned Professional - Entrepreneur - Business Development

ID 415017

Ben Moir

Founding member of We:eX heading up the technical development; Electrical Engineer (Hons) with 8 years experience running Snepo Research.

ID 551125

Toby Chan

Worked at @macquarie-bank, @macquarie-capital • Studied at @university-of-new-south-wales

ID 299570

Philip Faraj

Founder @social-generation, Veery • Venture Developer @ Touch Payments Australia • Studied Commerce Law at @macquarie-university University

ID 698949

James Malcolm

ID 638102

Sandy Bains

ID 483425

Andrew Craig

ID 379713

jacob poke

Former Investment Banker, strong sales and personal skills and experience in business development

ID 554314

Matthew Fenn

ID 691173

Christopher Holmes

Motivated and personable Finance Professional, who possesses good commercial acumen and is able to apply strong financial analysis skills to various businesses.

ID 362393


ID 555315

Pablo Ignacio Garcés Lacámara

Full motivated entrepreuneur

ID 462662

Zak Attia

Founder Bluem Visions, Bluem Visions

ID 582906

Tom Apps

ID 286817

Samit Kalra

Online marketing startup experience (data analytics,SEO, SEM, CRM, CRO), functional programming knowledge (HTML, CSS), strong finance background (Goldman Sachs)

ID 397086

Olivia Zhou

ID 481901


Developed my own framework called "Genius Rapid Action Framework" that could be applied to any business for suggesting improvements.....

ID 129922

Brad Cohen

Management Consultant and Commercial Transactions Consultant with Law Degree & CA qualification. Tech-savvy, business minded and extremely hard working!

ID 687941

Rudy Sow

I am a qualified and motivated professional with over 9 years of experience with proven track records from a variety of industries.

ID 470419

Ajaya Shrestha

ID 677966

Jacob Muller

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