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ID 183679

Denis Zubkov

Cofounder, Head of Product @recruitloop. Previously Lead Product Designer @sandstone Technology. Founded own design agency. Web Dev / UI / UX

ID 229434

Dan Day

Founder at @kinderloop. Ex founder of @stickypic , @shoebox-creative, @creative-suite. @turnbull-ripley, @black-sun

ID 540305

Jean-Louis Lam

Co-founder & Creative Director @foogi, visual communication designer, growth hacker

ID 444511

Adam Dill-Macky

Co-Founder of @sporthold - Moneyball for Sports Predictions • In @500startups • Worked at @gocatch • Studied at @university-of-technology-sydney

ID 171838

Chang Huang

Interface Designer

ID 36105

Igor Kryltsov

“Do or do not. There is no try.”

ID 110318

Andy Coffey

Freelance UI Designer

ID 130334

Yossi Mlynsky


Founder @alt-tab-mobile • Helping Startups Build Awesome Mobile Products. Growing fast and looking for Advisors & Biz Dev. Worked @macquarie-bank @ninemsn

ID 448815

Tom Bass

Founder @globadier-on-hiatus • Studied at @university-of-new-south-wales

ID 77031

Felix Menard

@weroll CEO. Well-travelled, product-manager, art-lover, dedicated coder, everyday bike-rider.

ID 107523

Marianne Sea

Co-Founder of @young-republic. Designer / Developer / Fashionpreneur. BRW's Fast Starters, Anthill's 30 Under 30 Up and Comers, Anthill's SMART 100 Innovators.

ID 96363

Nathan McGinness

Director of Product at Edrolo. Previously founding team & product lead at @topguest (Founders Fund, SV Angel, SoftTech VC) – Acquired Dec 2011.

ID 155362

Yiying Lu

Award Winning Designer. Creative Director. @twitter Whale Illustrator. Central St. Martins London, UK. UTS (1st Class HONS) Sydney, AUS. @jwt. @mccann-erickson

ID 147983

Julien Deveaux

Co-founder @cottontracks • Alum @startupchile • Worked at @applidium, @work4labs • Studied at @hec-paris & @telecom-paristech

ID 173405

Simon Chapman

Founder at Quotefish. Strong creative and problem solving background. Hard worker and loving father. Worked at The Beach, BMF, Publicis Mojo and Sales Success.

ID 39600

Pierre Sauvignon

Co-founder @flikgift. Product Director at @pollenizer.

ID 168922

James Goode

James Goode is a charming designer who’s done work for MagCloud, Fray, and Pixish.

ID 524660

Jeremy Manoto

UX Developer at @ninja-blocks. Frontend JS. Bs CompSi & Maths

ID 232739

Todd Andrews

Co-founder @muzeek • BA Multimedia & BA Engineering at @swinburne-university University of Technology • Digital Producer at VICE • Play in I Know Leopard, Dangerous! &TNSW

ID 36883

Federico Bucchi

My studies and strong interest in information and communications technology, computer science, social networking and the web have become my career.

ID 31581

Eamonn Bell

User interface guru at @affinitylive. Passion for creating beautiful user experiences. BCompSc Uow.

ID 172589

Eduardo Kranz

A passionate UI/UX designer, front-end developer by need.

ID 209286

David Francis

Product Developer and UX Creative with proven BizDev skills. Working in AR, Mobile Payment Software, live data-feed 3D Terra Imaging.

ID 171594

Harold Herbert

back to simplicity

ID 35212

Katrin Suess

CTO / Founder Vimily • Founder @bleebook • Founder ZeroMail • MA Design Innovation. Worked as the leading UI designer for start-ups in Australia & Germany.

ID 113057

Toby Skyring

User Interface Engineer at @pollenizer (Australian startup team). Director of False Behaving Animals (Visual production house)

ID 669926

Briony Lipscombe

Experienced human capital consultant

ID 253539

Maria Gallifuoco

Founder SkoutMe • Works at @fancied as a Product Manager. BSc (Psychology) UNSW

ID 167439

Dan Solo

Co-Founder of Innovative thinker, entrepreneur and tech fanatic... Love code, design and passionate people.

ID 360760

Sebastian Kade

Pixel Pushing Code Gorilla : Product Designer

ID 190479

Michael Wong

Director of @mizko-media Pty Ltd. Worked directly with @adobe-creative-suite, @thriveon, @freelancer-com and more. Founder of @fitqo & @warriors-of-code.

ID 187987

Toby Freestone

Worked at @accenture, @glossybox, @theiconic Studied at @university-of-edinburgh

ID 513704

Iain Dowling

Co-Founder AppInstruct; Co-Founder Propaganda Panda; Creative Lead BuzzNumbers (sold to Sentia Media); Co-Founder Mokoki; B.Vis.Com(Design)(Hons).

ID 264061

Vinko Grgic

Customer Experience Manager at Jayride, co-founded Arribaa, built and sold IP within 48 hours for MatesRates, Masters in Architecture.

ID 544021

Paul Nunes

Attention to detail and a keen understanding of broad strategy. 3 sucesfull crowd funding campaigns.

ID 70688

Phil Gillman

15 years of strategically leveraging experience design, storytelling, content and utility to build successful brands, products and services.

ID 290784

George Skentzos

Founder @carmooch; founding team member; degree in eBusiness; automotive marketing industry experience.

ID 363653

Richard Kroon

Australian (E3 Eligible) front-end/back-end/whatever-is-needed developer with finance degree and startup background and a bit of gamification experience to boot

ID 426315

Marco Lavielle

Studied at @university-of-technology-sydney, Software Engineer at @lawpath

ID 171143

Mark Puddick

Founder Vitoto andCTO

ID 148962

Jason Cotterell

Designer & Founder Image Mechanics. Making Nizo.!/blog/

ID 492379

Manuella Mignot

Creative lateral thinker, digital and content strategist.

ID 390640

Adrian Ciaschetti

Astronaut at Spacehead Concepts. Elite Themeforest Author. Full Stack Generalist. Love designing awesome ideas.

ID 120394

Amay Shah

Studied at @university-of-sydney, @university-of-mumbai

ID 212002

Jake Carter

Operations FX EFX PM Cash Mngt Treasury Risk Business Design Architecture Program Project Algo Aggregation Execution SOR CEP Apama Agile SCRUM Offshore

ID 389339

Aaron Dustin

Digital Product Designer, Creative Director, UX Specialist

ID 27849

Donna Imam

Purdue Engineer and Product Manager infusing customer interests in the design and development of successful high-tech products.

ID 586613

Alexandre Althoff

UTS student; worked at HSBC; love startups and sharing ideas; computer engineering student, but also seeking knowledge in business;

ID 424349

Zoltan Varadi

CTO @property-connect

ID 167210

Nelson Zheng

Founder Brainworth

ID 141005

Marc O.

@codengo Digital Designer • Founder @VoThink US • Worked at @nurun • Studied at @Universidad Central De Barcelona

ID 260458

Ashley Morony

Business Student at University of Sydney; Facebook lover; worked with various Start-ups and small-to-medium IT companies as a R&D tax advisor.

ID 169374

Millie Cooper

Founder @design-by-mouse • Worked at @fox-sports, @cnbc • Studied at @university-of-technology-sydney, University of New Paltz, New York

ID 226193

Christian Bauer

Design Student in Berlin. Webdesign Trends Expert.

ID 437492

Paul Maynard

I just like making stuff. I've learnt all my computing skills on the job. Worked with Windows since version 2, UNIX, handmade OS. Would love to start developing for iOS.

ID 434789

Vincent Alcantara

Google App Engine, Java, Python Developer

ID 487229

Hugh Seah

UX, UI Designer, Formally trained designer and developer.

ID 100125

Garret Krampe

Prolific Inventor. My day starts and finishes with an idea that gets fleshed out as the day progresses since I was 9 yo. Extremely broad knowledge of Tech.

ID 531404

Meysam Ghanbari

IT Business Analyst; Worked at GE Money, GrainCorp, UXC, ac3, Hyundai, KIA Motors, Komatsu, Nebras Informatics

ID 247430

Justin Davis

CEO of View It, 3rd start-up in the last two years. Worked in Financial services as a business analyst for 12 years. Passionate about technology especially mobile.

ID 504185

Huizhen Piao

Junior - Mid Web Front-End Developer. Strong knowledge of HTML/CSS. Graduated Master Information Technology in UTS 2013

ID 303965

Steve Davis

Worked at @amnesia-group-razorfish

ID 541479

Adam Przybylski

Graphic Designer; Webdesign; Website; Logo; Print; Stationary; Wireframes; UI/UX;

ID 410943

Julio Cesar Ody

Programmer, wordsmith, designer.

ID 158313

Hsin-Yi Chang

Partner at Chang&Cox. Mobile & Web app UX/UI design. Video and photography.

ID 527884

Mustafa Wahidi

3D Artist/ Game developer. Successfully launched a game on android Appstore

ID 520196

Katie Louise

Current Lead Artist. Environment art focused. Award Winner.

ID 319062

Peter Jotanovic

Director of Pushka Creative, small design and development agency in Sydney. Over 12 years providing high end user experience and interface designs / prototypes.

ID 446779

Sam Potts

UI/UX Designer & Developer for @selzdotcom -

ID 390481

Giles Butler

Front End Dev, UI/UX Skills, Worked at CBA, VML.

ID 555315

Pablo Ignacio Garcés Lacámara

Full motivated entrepreuneur

ID 50769

Elliott Risby

Founder/Creative Director at @design-royale. Founder/VP of Product and Marketing at @drumo.

ID 118684

Jason Bayly

Co founder & Product/UX guy at @sceene-1. Web and mobile user experience architect and product strategist, with 15yrs digital production experience.

ID 501681

Nirmal Gyanwali

Developed more than 1000 websites in 10 years. MIT in web development.

ID 482997


Visual Designer within the digital environment

ID 380779

Renato Carvalho

Founder @startae, @yummmy and @superquadra

ID 496637

Christopher Grantham

Full stack developer with 5+ years experience.

ID 187430

Steven Chan

User Experience Designer

ID 307482

Alexander Waters

Macquarie University graduate. 1st start up out of University. Background in sales and media.

ID 340810

Hyungtak Jun

Full stack designer; Designed successful products for iOS, Android and Google Chrome, Featured on the App Store, Evernote Devcup Winner, Evernote Accelerator.

ID 200116

Angelique Bailey

Creative producer and media consultant with an entrepreneurial spirt. Experienced in broadcast, digital and public relations. Have Brain. Will Travel.

ID 220541

Brian Reaves

With 10+ yrs of digital & software experience, Brian prides himself in product ideation, offering a wide range of disciplines from a mosaic of former positions.

ID 493526

Tiffany McHugh

Looking to connect skilled General Assembly web development graduates with career opportunities

ID 345183

Toby Maclean

Founder, Flowers for a Vagabond Advanced Diploma in Fashion Design, worked at in Designer Relations; Opened a designer incubator store to launch young design graduates; Product Designer/Buyer for Javy pty ltd.

ID 332007

Mohammad Naufal Fadil

Web developer web design and developmen since years ago.

ID 419163

vaughan moffitt

Sydney based creative professional with a keen interest in anything and everything interactive

ID 120477

Dean Burton

Founder @evrdr

ID 107259

Jon Farrell

Freelance UI/UX designer for the web and iOS. Digital Marketing Executive for Australia's largest travel company. Startup enthusiast. Friend of @jonomallanyk

ID 77279

Xiang Wu


ID 521754

Alexey Shkolnikov

Frontend developer

ID 664489

Félix Déage

26 French tech guy, looking for a job/intership in WebDev -

ID 480278

Mick Evans

Designer with 7+ years international experience at large broadcasters and tech startups

ID 373960


ID 664079

Yi-Ling Hwong

Masters in Engineering from Germany, Co-founder of COSNES, Digital Comms Professional with coding skills. Worked at CERN, Doctors Without Borders & Siemens.

ID 411001

Trent Murray

Hungry to succeed, can turn crayon drawings into blueprints and can be put in front of tech heads or technical abysses. Healthy, fit and ready for the challenge

ID 150811


In search of New Horizons...

ID 505462

Ryan Falconer

Founder of 2nd software training startup, 1st was an acclaimed top 70 company. Consulted with tech startups in UK and Australia.

ID 474134

Cindy Huang

I challenge companies to engage in the dynamics of the global market - to fuel innovation through access to global talent. Do you dare to diversify your talent?

ID 295644

Andrew Cameron

Owner Muchacho Clothing. Founded 2007. Worked at Macquarie Bank, JP Morgan, Citco Fund Services. We are a swim and streetwear brand based in Sydney, Australia

ID 689759

Steve Farrugia

A design focused developer and development manager with strong corporate, digital agency and startup industry background.

ID 82495


Design and tech all-rounder, with professional experience in graphic design and software development.

ID 364756

Mukthar Shiek

Software Architect and an agile evangelist

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