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ID 480897

Andy Murphy

Full stack web developer. Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, jQuery, Meteor, HTML, CSS. • Studied at @university-of-nsw

ID 656443

Samuel Liew

Full-stack Web Developer — CMS, MVC, LAMP, Yii, MongoDB, JavaScript/jQuery, CSS3, LESS, PayPal...

ID 680656

Steven Pack

Co-founder of Koala. Previously founded motorTEXTER and Worked in finance/IT in between. Studied IT at University of Technology Sydney.

ID 226193

Christian Bauer

Design Student in Berlin. Webdesign Trends Expert.

ID 113057

Toby Skyring

User Interface Engineer at @pollenizer (Australian startup team). Director of False Behaving Animals (Visual production house)

ID 516687

Chase Clettenberg

Studied at @university-of-missouri. Worked in South Korea for the past 3 years. Looking for a new opportunity in web development.

ID 112633

Michael Imstepf

CTO @teacher-time. Web Entrepreneur with strong business background (consulting) and technical skills (node.js / Rails / JavaScript).

ID 380547

Mark Collins

Worked at @accenture • Studied at @university-of-technology-sydney

ID 116762

Mark Guo

Mobile/Ruby Engineer at @issue , Agile developer @idealian, Final Year Thesis showcased for eLearning mobile App @unsw 2011

ID 550154

Steven Sinatra

A front-end web developer/designer. Hails from Indonesia. Loves minimalist design.

ID 108760

Peter Schmidt

First startup with @mathspace. Computer/Maths Geek. BCompSci (Honours) UNSW, BCompSci @macquarie-university University.

ID 601557

Paul Duyker

Founder Oliogram

ID 7862

Haig Kayserian

Founder & CEO of @kayweb-angels, LLC - a New York based angel investor that provides web and mobile development services to startups in exchange for equity.

ID 125190

Maximilian Nyman

RIA Solution Architect

ID 109921

Mark Hughes

Co-Founder of ROUND Payments and Nivsu Technologies.

ID 444511

Adam Dill-Macky

Co-Founder of @sporthold - Moneyball for Sports Predictions • In @500startups • Worked at @gocatch • Studied at @university-of-technology-sydney

ID 390640

Adrian Ciaschetti

Astronaut at Spacehead Concepts. Elite Themeforest Author. Full Stack Generalist. Love designing awesome ideas.

ID 31581

Eamonn Bell

User interface guru at @affinitylive. Passion for creating beautiful user experiences. BCompSc Uow.

ID 118143

Peter Anderson

ID 231251

Craig Stump

Founder of @brain-cog, @niggle-it, @certify-io - web developer, designer, product, entreprenuer, since the mid-90's.

ID 447553

Vincent Verdet

System Manager, IT Project Manager • Worked at @Procter & Gamble , @louis-vuitton • Studied at @centrale-lyon. Moving to Sydney as of March 2014 •

ID 275106

Maxim Cherepovitsyn

Sydney based freelance web / mobile application consultant @SpreadCode; entrepreneur; fan of martial arts.

ID 235060

George Haidar

Lead Technology Developer at @the-ticket-fairy with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and always in pursuit of the next big challenge.

ID 380779

Renato Carvalho

Founder @startae, @yummmy and @superquadra

ID 36883

Federico Bucchi

My studies and strong interest in information and communications technology, computer science, social networking and the web have become my career.

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