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ID 607824

Jonathan Ingram

Full stack engineer; can ship real software; worked remotely for 2 start ups; Honours 1 and University Medal student

ID 261850

Joel Courtney

Engineer, developer, photographer & thinker with a solid background in enterprise intrapreneurship.

ID 523480


Currently volunteering for Open Ephys & BSc in Computer Science at University of Applied Science Hamburg & University of Burgos

ID 540466

Leigh Appel

Technical Founder @safesite-1 • Class 1 of @muru-d. Serial Hobbyist and Technologist.

ID 141264

Sebastian Kim

Founder @notivo • Worked at @fairfax-media • Studied at @university-of-sydney

ID 647489

Alyssa Quek

Python and Javascript freelancer. Computer vision dabbler, yearly skier.

ID 311321

Oliver Bolton

Software Engineer at @app-io

ID 698300

Riad Chikhani

CEO & Founder of @gamurs at 17. Gaming startup with 4M+ Pageviews at 16. Worked at @macrovue • BSc Computer Science @university-of-new-south-wales

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