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ID 15982

Zoltan Csaki

Reformed advertising creative. Co-Founder @The-Affair. Previously Founder @moodshare. Immigrant on multiple occasions.

ID 219604

Tim Hill

Co-Founder @social-status • 8+ years in digital and advertising agencies • Digital Strategist • Social Media tutor at ADMA

ID 437520

Ned Moorfield


Co-Founded goCatch, Australia's leading taxi bookings and payments app. Director & Founder of Digital Media Investments, an early stage tech venture fund.

ID 673620

Bronwyn Leong

Co-founder @newsworthy-io | Works @pearson-education

ID 561461

Nathan Creswell


Invested and advised two SaaS startups. Co-founder of the SaaS Syndicate. Highly experienced product manager in the B2B space.

ID 94233

Christopher Bartlett

General Manager of SEED TECH. Full Stack Developer and Project Manager of Bespoke Software Solutions.
http://[email protected]

ID 549929

Christian Thurston

Founder at @sporthold Christian Thurston - Digital marketer. Maths degree. Sports-nut. Sailed around the world (literally). #500strong

ID 626047

Rob Salha

Founder @vidyo-2

ID 615295

Elke Keeley

Director, Co-Founder - UrbanOutsource • Worked at @microsoft, @yahoo • Studied at @university-of-new-south-wales, @griffith-university

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