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ID 673620

Bronwyn Leong

Co-founder @newsworthy-io | Works @pearson-education

ID 219604

Tim Hill

Co-Founder @social-status • 8+ years in digital and advertising agencies • Digital Strategist • Social Media tutor at ADMA

ID 549929

Christian Thurston

Founder at @sporthold Christian Thurston - Digital marketer. Maths degree. Sports-nut. Sailed around the world (literally). #500strong

ID 615295

Elke Keeley

Director, Co-Founder - UrbanOutsource • Worked at @microsoft, @yahoo • Studied at @university-of-new-south-wales, @griffith-university

ID 94233

Christopher Bartlett

General Manager of SEED TECH. Full Stack Developer and Project Manager of Bespoke Software Solutions.
http://[email protected]

ID 437520

Ned Moorfield


Co-Founded goCatch, Australia's leading taxi bookings and payments app. Director & Founder of Digital Media Investments, an early stage tech venture fund.

ID 626047

Rob Salha

Founder @vidyo-2

ID 15982

Zoltan Csaki

Reformed advertising creative. Co-Founder @The-Affair. Previously Founder @moodshare. Immigrant on multiple occasions.

ID 561461

Nathan Creswell


Invested and advised two SaaS startups. Co-founder of the SaaS Syndicate. Highly experienced product manager in the B2B space.

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